13 Best Chiropractors in Austin, TX

We’ve researched over 100 best Chiropractor in Austin, and out of these, we selected 3 best and most popular chiropractors in the city. Apart from these, we also added 10 additional Chiropractor in Austin that didn’t shortlist undet Top 3. We selected these chiropractor based on their reviews, ratings, history, complaints, cost, customer satisfaction, etc. Our research team used more than 50 such key points to make this list.

1. Lifespring Chiropractic

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If you’re searching for the best chiropractor near me in Austin, TX then no one is better than Lifespring Chiropractic at this time. Chiropractor if this health care clinic offers best and quality chiropractic adjustment for the Austin and nearby community.

No doubt, Lifespring Chiropractic clinic is best known for general chiropractic visits. But apart from this, chiropractors are also experienced for providing treatment in extreme pain problems such as foot pain, shoulder pain, or hip pain. 

Lifespring Chiropractic clinic was started 5 years ago in October 2017. In these 5 years, the chiropractor of Lifespring here helped thousands of such patients to get relief in their body pain and gave them a chance to live a happy life again. At Lifespring Chiropractic, they accept everything begins with tuning in and empathy.

Doctors and health care staff of this clinic want to give the greatest chiropractic care that is customized explicitly to the person. They invest wholeheartedly in their individualized methodology as they endeavor to associate individuals to the most ideal life.

Address: 2612 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704

Phone: (512) 400-1241

Open Hours: Mon – Thu (8am – 1pm, 2:30 – 6pm), Fri (8am – 1pm), Sat & Sun (Closed)

Website: https://lifespringchiro.com/

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

2. Back N Place Chiropractic

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There is no doubt that the first option is the best if you are looking for a good chiropractor in Austin city of Texas. But for some reason if you don’t want to consult with the above chiropractor then turn to Back n Place Chiropractic which is conveniently located in Hancock Center. The best thing about the chiropractor here is that you do not have to pay any charge for consulting. 

You can schedule your consultation for absolutely free of cost. Also, this chiropractic clinic is locally owned in Austin Texas. So if you are suffering from any type of extreme neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, sciatica, vertigo, etc. then you can schedule a free consultation by contacting Dr. Nick. 

Dr. Nick is the chiropractor at Back N Place Chiropractic. He is athletic and so he became a physical therapist to stay involved in athletics. Dr. Nick wants to provide a medicine free treatment to the Austin people to do the things they love. He also has been injured many times so he knows what it feels like to be injured and then to get better. Dr. Nick knows how important it is to people to get back to their favorite activities.

Address: 1000 E 41st St #915, Austin, TX 78751

Phone: (512) 467-2225

Open Hours: Mon – Thu (10am – 6pm), Sat (10am – 1pm), Sun & Fri (Closed)

Website: http://backnplace.com/

Overall Rating: 5.0/5

3. Austin Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic

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If you’re not interested in the above two chiropractors then you can take medicine free treatment from Dr. Justin Swanson. Dr. Justin Swanson is a very famous chiropractor in Austin city. If you are looking for a doctor who can provide care for general health and wellness as well as pediatric, pregnancy and family care then this is the right place for you. Dr. Swanson has the specialization in this type of healthcare field. 

One best thing we notice about this chiropractic clinic is that they are referral based practice. What it means is that they don’t advertise nor they promote their clinic to get you to become a patient. While researching about Dr. Justin, he said that patients are referred by previous patients, local medical doctors and through some community leaders based on results. 

Therefore, If you’re a Austin resident and looking for the best and experienced chiropractor who can provide treatment such as back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, migraines, sports injuries, and accident injuries then you can visit Austin Chiropractic & Acupuncture Clinic. 

Address: 6101 Balcones Dr Suite 102, Austin, TX 78731

Phone: (512) 452-2525

Open Hours: Mon – Wed (9am – 6pm), Thu (9am – 1pm), Fri – Sun (Closed)

Website: http://www.austintxchiro.com/

Overall Rating: 4.9/5

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