Which is better for your health: hot or cold water? Β 

The argument over whether hot or cold water is better for you is still going on, with experts weighing the pros and cons of each. Β 

Lots of health experts say that drinking warm water can be good for you. Β 

Nutritionist at Virginia Women's Center Dr. Sarah Johnson says it can help with weight loss, better digestion, and clearing up congestion. Β 

The hot water breaks down food and helps the digestive system work better. Plus, it might help your body take in nutrients better. Β 

Still, some experts say that cold water is good for you. A consultant cardiologist named Dr. Mark Williams says that cold water can actually speed up your metabolism and make your blood move faster. Β 

To stay warm, your body has to work harder, which makes you burn more calories. Β 

Also, drinking cold water might feel better and be more fun for some people. Β 

In the end, what works best for your health and your personal taste determine whether you like hot or cold water. Β 

When it comes to staying healthy and living a happy life, both options are fine. Β 

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