Does eating sauerkraut help with digestion?

Manoj Prasad


People have always said that sauerkraut, a food made from fermented cabbage, might be good for your health, especially for digestion.

Probiotics, which are good bacteria, are added to sauerkraut during fermentation.

Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium are two of these probiotics that help keep your gut healthy.

Eating sauerkraut that has probiotics in it might help your stomach work better, ease constipation, and ease the symptoms of IBS and IBD.

The tough parts of the cabbage are also broken down by fermentation, which makes it easier for your body to process.

There is a lot of fiber in sauerkraut, which helps your digestive system work well and keeps your gut healthy.

It's possible that the fiber in sauerkraut is also good for the good bacteria in your gut. This helps keep your microbiome healthy.

It looks like this fermented food may be an easy and effective way to help your stomach and digestion, but we still need to do more study.

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