Why does prosciutto cost so much? Β 

Most of the time, it takes between 9 and 24 months for prosciutto to dry. It needs some trained workers and close attention. Β 

1. Labor-Intensive ProcessΒ 

In order to make prosciutto, we can only use the back legs of carefully raised pigs that have a lot of fat. This makes the product more expensive. Β 

2. High-Quality PorkΒ 

Real prosciutto can only be made in certain parts of Italy, and there are strict rules about how it must be made. Β 

3. Limited SupplyΒ 

The taste of prosciutto gets stronger as it ages and is cured for longer periods of time. Its price also goes up. Β 

4. Age and CuringΒ 

When we cure it, we use fine salt, spices, and herbs, which makes it cost more. Β 

5. Salt and SeasoningsΒ 

Because many prosciutto makers still use smart old methods that have been passed down from generation to generation, the price is so high. Β 

6. Artisanal ProductionΒ 

Stores may charge a lot for things you bring because they have to pay a lot to get them here and pay taxes on them. Β 

7. Transportation and Import CostsΒ 

It costs a lot because prosciutto is seen as a fancy treat and is popular with people who are willing to spend money. Β 

8. Prestige and DemandΒ 

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