What is boba tea made of?

Written By

Manoj Prasad

You've probably noticed the big, black bubbles cooling at the bottom of some people's drinks and wondered, "What the hell is that?"

Well, friends, that's boba, and it's the star of the show in this super trendy boba tea!

So, boba is basically tapioca pearls that come from the cassava root.

These are chewable little balls that add a fun twist to your drinks. But boba tea is much more than those weird bubbles.

Boba tea typically starts with a blend of black or green tea with milk or fruit flavors.

Some favorite alternatives to boba tea are classic milk tea, taro, honeydew, and strawberry. The flavor combinations are endless!

But what makes boba tea so special is the variety of toppings and mix-ins.

In addition to the classic boba pearls, you can find unique additions like grass jelly, pudding, red bean, or even cheese foam in your drink.

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