Millions Gain Access to Safer Hip Replacements with New "Skinny Drug"Β 

Manoj Β Prasad

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Popular new weight loss drug semaglutide allows more patients to safely undergo hip replacement surgeryome text

2 studies find semaglutide doesn't raise surgical risks; may lower joint infections & hospital readmission

Semaglutide approved for weight loss & diabetes; works by dulling appetite & controlling blood sugar

Obesity long linked to more complications after hip surgery like infections; doctors encourage weight loss first

But joint pain makes pre-surgery weight loss hard; semaglutide offers new medical path to shedding pound

Orthopedic experts "reassured" and "excited" by findings; see "opportunity" for more patients to access surgery

Still early evidence; further research with more patients needed to confirm initial positive impact

If borne out, "skinny drug" could prove "life changing" for arthritis sufferers previously denied hip replacement

May also lead to better long-term implant survival rates; more data required on durability