Take care of your skin like this to always look young


1. Cleanser - Use a gentle, non-foaming cleanser to remove dirt, oil, and impurities without stripping the skin.

2. Vitamin C Serum - Apply a vitamin C serum which brightens, protects against free radicals, and boosts collagen.

3. Eye Cream - Dab on an eye cream to hydrate and minimize fine lines and dark circles.

4. Moisturizer - Massage in a moisturizer with SPF 30 or higher to hydrate and protect against UV damage.


1. Makeup Remover - Use a dedicated makeup remover to take off all traces of makeup, dirt, and sunscreen.

2. Cleanser - Cleanse again to ensure your face is completely clean.

3. Exfoliant (2-3 times weekly) - Use a gentle exfoliator with alpha hydroxy acids or enzymes to slough off dead skin cells.

4. Serum (alternate nights) - Rotate between a serum containing retinol, peptides, or hyaluronic acid for anti-aging and hydration.

5. Facial Oil or Overnight Mask - Apply a facial oil or rich overnight mask to nourish and replenish the skin.

6. Eye Cream - Pat on your eye cream again at night.

Do it Also

Use a weekly skin-specific mask. Regularly exfoliate lips and apply lip balm/mask at night. Stay hydrated and sleep enough for healthy skin.