Keeping Garlic in the Best Possible Way ย 

By: Manoj Prasad

Garlic must be stored carefully to retain flavor, texture, and durability. The appropriate approach keeps it fresh and powerful for cooking.

Firstly, garlic bulbs should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. A well-ventilated pantry or cupboard works perfectly. ย 

Avoid storing garlic in the refrigerator as it can cause premature sprouting and loss of flavor.

Before storing, ensure the garlic bulbs are intact with their papery skins intact. Break apart cloves only when needed to preserve freshness.

For long-term storage, consider braiding garlic bulbs together and hanging them in a cool, dry place.ย 

This not only keeps them organized but also allows for proper airflow, reducing the risk of mold or sprouting.

For airflow, garlic cloves can be placed in a mesh or wire basket. Garlic stored in sealed containers or plastic bags might rot due to moisture.

To extend shelf life, avoid exposing garlic to moisture or high humidity. Moisture encourages mold growth and causes garlic to spoil quickly.

These simple procedures will keep your garlic fresh, delicious, and ready to complement your favorite foods.

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