How much calorie your will get in a mango

Manoj Prasad


According to, the whole mango (336 grams) has around 202 calories.

This is because it has a lot of natural sugar, which gives you a lot of energy.

That same website, you will also find that about 105 grams, or 3/4 cup, of chopped mango has about 70 calories.

A mango that is a good size and weighs about 200 grams has about 150 to 160 calories, according to the USDA.ย 

This range of calories is the same as what was found in a study in the Nutrition Journal that looked at how healthy different kinds of mangoes are.

Mango has a range of calories, which rely on things like the type of mango, how ripe it is, and what part of the fruit you eat.

However, these studies provide a credible range of calorie estimates for whole and sliced mangoes, which might help dieters and meal planners. ย 

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