Can squats burn belly fat? What are experts opinions

Squats are a fantastic exercise for building lower body strength and muscle, but do they specifically target belly fat? ย 

Yes, but more subtle. Squats don't burn belly fat, but they can assist establish a calorie deficit for fat loss.

"Spot reduction is a myth," says Erin Oprea, a certified personal trainer and former U.S. Marine.ย 

You can't pick where you lose fat, but squats burn calories and build muscle, which raises metabolism and helps reduce fat overall.

Squats alone won't flatten your tummy. Oprea recommends squats with a calorie-controlled diet and core-building workouts like planks, crunches, and Russian twists.

Here are some expert tips:

1. Do a variety of squat variations (sumo, goblet, jump squats) to challenge different muscle groups.

2. Incorporate compound exercises like deadlifts and lunges to maximize calorie burn.

3. Focus on progressive overload by gradually increasing weight or reps.

4. Pair squats with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for a metabolism-boosting workout.

5. Be patient and consistent with your routine, as sustainable fat loss takes time.

While squats won't melt belly fat instantly, they can be a powerful tool in your overall fat loss journey when combined with a balanced approach.