Starbucks is Changing Its Ice Cubes

Starbucks is changing its ice cubes to smaller "nugget ice" for cold beverages.

Iced handcrafted beverages account for about 75% of Starbucks' sales.

Some customers are concerned that the new ice will water down drinks or change textures.

The company claims the nugget ice doesn't melt faster and customers will receive the same amount.

The new ice has received a positive response in tests.

Starbucks is revamping some drinks for summer, including a Refresher drink with extra ingredients.

The chain aims to cut water usage in half by 2030 and will introduce new, more efficient ice machines.

Starbucks' CEO plans to improve the business, focusing on technology, equipment, and operational execution.

The new ice machines will be rolled out to all stores over the next several years.

Starbucks is prioritizing innovation and sustainability while meeting customer demand for cold beverages.