What You Get Out of Having Lots of Brown Adipose Tissue

By: Manoj Prasad

Brown fat is highly metabolic and burns through calories and fat to produce heat. More brown fat means increased energy expenditure.

By burning extra calories, brown fat makes it easier to drop unwanted pounds. It also prevents weight rebound after losing it.

Brown fat takes up blood glucose for energy production, acting similarly to exercise. This keeps blood sugar stable.

The increased caloric burn reduces circulating fatty acids and promotes HDL or "good" cholesterol production through metabolism.

High levels prevent risk factors like excess belly fat, high blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.ย 

Conditions like heart disease, stroke and even cancer are less likely with healthy metabolism and glucose control.ย 

The presence of brown fat means body tissues readily respond to insulin's blood sugar lowering effects.ย 

Age related metabolic slowing is offset by brown fat, ensuring the body keeps burning energy efficiently.ย 

Thermogenic brown fat seems to have positive effects on stress biology and may confer psychological benefits too.ย 

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