9 Things No Woman Should Do On Her Period

Self-care during menstruation is crucial. Neglecting sleep, diet, and mental health may increase PMS symptoms and alter the body's normal cycle.

Periods need good cleanliness to avoid illnesses. Wash hands before and after using sanitary items.

Women should avoid high-impact or intense activities that may cause pain or worsen cramping, even if modest workouts may be helpful.

Staying hydrated during menstruation minimizes headaches and bloating. Drink plenty of water daily.

Never overlook severe pain, profuse bleeding, or strange symptoms. A doctor can diagnose and treat pain.

High-sodium diets and coffee may cause water retention and bloating. This moment need moderation.

A heating pad or warm compress applied to the lower abdomen might help relieve menstrual cramps and provide some much-needed relief.

Communicate with others about your period requirements and feelings. Open communication increases understanding and support.

Don't overcommit during your period. Relaxation and slowing down may reduce stress, which can worsen symptoms.